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I never thought I would actually get enthusiastic about online cloud file syncing. I always thought that something like Dropbox with a simple shared folder is all there is. But SugarSync is really so much more. You can remote-access files and folders on different computers and devices (this can but doesn't have to be synced to other computers), there's an unsynced web drive for backup purposes, syncing can exclude subfolders which can be useful for e.g. programming projects with a build folder, etc. Files are versioned, you have a trash folder, good mobile apps and syncing, and also a good web interface, music streaming, easy sharing of folders and files, syncing happens over a secure connection and close to real-time and is only delayed by your connection speed. The free version is limited to 5GB (plus extra space for completing some tasks) but has all features enabled. More space is available with one of the pricing plans. After a week or so of using the free version I got an offer for half-price subscriptions, plus the first month of a paid plan is free. Overall, SugarSync wins hands down over Dropbox and most other services. From my research just SpiderOak seems another good alternative to me. I suspect that this and pricing models may change should Google actually release its long rumoured GDrive, we will see.

Anyway, for now I'm happy with SugarSync. I currently need some reliable cloud storage and sync system to work on a cross-platform project and to keep my backups.

If that's what you're looking for as well, then sign up to SugarSync using this link and get an extra 500MB on a free, or an extra 10GB on a paid account (yes, yes, I'll get the same extra space - that's a win-win, right?).

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